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You are not alone. 

But, sometimes being a woman entrepreneur can make you feel like you are. 

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Are you ready for a change?

As a woman business owner, you know that “hustle and grind” business culture is dying. But, you just can’t seem to shake unhealthy patriarchal work habits that no longer serve you. If you want to create an entrepreneurial life you love, you need to commit to making real changes, investing in your growth, and finding community. It’s no surprise that most women start their own businesses because they want to live life on their own terms!


My name is Jessica Oyanagi, and I’m the Founder and CEO of Bloom. I'm living proof that you CAN run a profitable business that aligns with your values AND a lifestyle you enjoy. But, this isn't what I was taught when I started my business. Sadly, traditional business practices don’t honor women’s priorities, our intuition, or our desire to create a business that integrates into our whole life joyfully . . .

So- what’s blocking you from creating BOTH a successful business AND an entrepreneurial lifestyle you LOVE?
Most likely, it’s old school patriarchal programming and subconscious fear holding you back. Don't fret! Our Bloom Business Community is here for you. 

Introducing: BLOOM

A womens business community that empowers you to create life on your own terms. 

Our Bloom Business Community offers you an interactive, nurturing space to help you transform your entrepreneurial life. We guide you from feeling lonely and unsure to developing confidence in your innate feminine wisdom. With four live group coaching calls per month, regular 1:1 Viber support, and our online community of business Bloomers, you CAN receive the support you deserve to create a business and life you love!


So just why does this Bloom Business Community matter so much anyway?


Contrary to what you may have been told, women aren’t meant to “go it alone”. We’re naturally inclined to work better and succeed more together. Our Bloom Community and women entrepreneur coaches are here to teach you how to transform into the fullest version of yourself and create an entrepreneurial life you love. Plus, it’s WAY more fun to learn with other kick ass women bosses! 



Each month, my team of women business coaches and I will guide you through our Bloom Support Cycle. This curated process nurtures your ongoing entrepreneurial journey with weekly cyclical themes and live coaching calls to help guide you through each phase in the cycle. This curated process is the “magic sauce” behind your consistency and success inside Bloom. 


Most of us didn’t grow up with women entrepreneurs as role models. Also, I’m guessing most of your family and friends work as W2 employees at their jobs. So, maybe you’ve had to piece together what success you have had on our own? I know this can feel isolating at times, and it also takes much longer to evolve as a business owner working this way. Growing together in community and lifting each other up shows you what’s possible for your own success!


I left my last W2 job because I wanted to create life on my own terms. I longed for the freedom to make more money, reclaim my personal time, and fulfill my passions. Becoming an entrepreneur was just the catalyst I needed to create my dream life! Liberation is our true mission inside Bloom. 


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Joining our Bloom Business Community will make you more powerful. We’ll help you release patriarchal business practices that no longer serve our world. I’m living proof that you can run a profitable business that aligns with your values and strengths while also creating a lifestyle you enjoy. I lead a meaningful life from a much more authentic and organic place than I did when I was working for someone else. I created Bloom because I want to show you how you can tap into your feminine wisdom to create a business and life you love too!

What Our Bloomers Are Saying

"I just think it's amazing when women come together. A lot of us are going through similar issues & don't know where to start to overcome those things. I'm so thankful for Jess for having Bloom come to life because it's already a blessing and a light."



Want to see what Bloom can do for you?


Be the 1st to know when our 2023 registration window opens up! Joining our Bloom Business Community will be offered on a monthly basis to honor our Cycle of Support teachings. Our next cycle begins on January 3rd!

(we'll email you when our 2023 Bloom Community enrollment is LIVE!)

Thanks so much . . . More details coming soon!

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